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Conveniently located on the fringe of Sale, the GRLE facility can be easily accessed by cattle transporters (see map below for directions).

Cattle Delivery

Livestock can be delivered to GRLE up until 8pm the night before sale. Cattle received after this time will be open auction.

Truckwash Fees

The truckwash fee is $1.75 per minute via Avdata.

Shower Facilities

A shower facility is available at the GRLE for drivers.

Operation of Height Adjustable Loading Ramps (9 Metre)

  • Use hoist to raise or lower the ramp to the correct height.
  • Check all people are clear of the ramp while raising or lowering ramp.
  • Do not raise or lower the ramp while people are on the ramp.
  • Disengage the safety bar to lower the ramp.
  • The ramp may need to be raised slightly to allow disengagement.
  • Always check safety bar has re-engaged before using the ramp.
  • Do not enter the forcing pen or ramp with cattle.
  • Always work cattle from workway.
  • Use both the sliding gates to block cattle before entering the ramp to raise or lower the ramp to truck bridge (flap). Use attached chain to raise or lower the bridge.
  • Please report any malfunction/maintenance required to the Saleyard Operator immediately.
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